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She didn't see what happened in the girl, what changed, but something did.  Tsani relaxed, losing a tension that Sagraille hadn't noticed was there until it wasn't. She glided forward to kneel at the table, though calling the waterfall of silk and almost-exposed skin she displayed kneeling was probably insulting. It was more beautiful than that. A painting from the medium of motion. The girl even cast a shadow with elegance.

Sagraille shook the thought away. Thoughts came true sometimes. Thoughts like that.
Walking Still

"Fifteen secret herbs and spices, mixed by dangerous dee-vices! Distilled and brewed and served up cold, it fixes the sick and renews the old! No malady can long withstand it, ‘cause that’s how Professor Bismuth planned it! So come on gents and don’t delay, buy your-self a jug today!"

The Shiner Man’s covered wagon walked across the desert on six metal legs.
From the Archives:
Beyond the Shrinking World
Ahead, maybe a mile from us across the waters, a veil of absolute dark towered. The air before it shimmered, the Tower's Placement Stones keeping the Out at bay.