Stitched Wings

Mother stepped close enough to plant a fleeting kiss. By habit, Madeline did not cringe from the fog of falsehoods that clothed Mother. Indeed, her very clothing was false. Mother could play the part of a proper lady better than any actress on stage, but she was neither. She was a scientist and a thief, and Madeline was not sure where one ended and the other began.

Rowan hadn't been lying when he said his queen was the best liar of all, but Madeline knew that was only because he hadn't met her mother.
Whistler’s Grove

Arrel seizes my arm, shocking a yelp out of me. His talon-like grip hauls me upright. Tam’s question was answered, not Arrel’s. Celina’s life was taken, not mine. A bargain can still be made with the Whistler. Only now do I realize that this was planned all along.

The washed-out sky and black indifferent trees blur as I cough out the fire within me.
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Walking Still

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The Shiner Man’s covered wagon walked across the desert on six metal legs.
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Cold Iron and Green Vines
Most people didn't bother replacing teeth; they all went wicker-and-cogwork as young as they could.