Special Double-Issue for BCS Science-Fantasy Month 2, featuring a bonus story and a bonus podcast and science-fantasy cover art “Sojourn” by Ferdinand Dumago Ladera!

The Bonedrake’s Penance

"Stop," my mother said, even more gravely. "You're already thinking of counterarguments and edge cases. That is perfectly fine if you are a mathematician or a philosopher. The fortress is not about ensuring justice, or righting wrongs, or even compassion. It is about enduring and remembering all the things that people bring us to safeguard for them, the histories and the artifacts. Justice, for the things they remember—that's something that civilizations have to negotiate for themselves."

Because my mother's original commanders were dead, and because she was the only one of her kind left, it took me a long time to grasp this essential point.
Sekhmet Hunts the Dying Gnosis: A Computation

Sekhmet knows the woman’s literal identity—a hybrid soldier, a construct, drawn from a piece of history where the lineage of flesh began to remake itself with machines. She stumbles on this synthesis, troubled by the paradox. The means are Set’s, but the end, the need to be stronger, is hers.

A strange impulse, an alien need: she devours all that she knows, and knows all that she devours.
The Goddess Deception, Pt. 2

The arsenal’s observation scopes terminated in lenses that provided magnification in each of the cardinal directions. The indistinct blurs of six vehicles had crossed the property line, paralleling the road that led down the valley to Myddleham-on-Tyne. “Blast,” I muttered. “Hit the ansible beacon, Plio. Get reinforcements here as fast as you can.”

“Liberty my ironclad ass.” I set him down him, hard, my fingers leaving angry red marks in his skin. “Alright, Deputy. From the beginning.”
Audio Fiction Podcast:
The River Does Not Run

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The graceful architecture of this place has haunted her dreams since the first years of her training.
Audio Fiction Podcast:
Sekhmet Hunts the Dying Gnosis

Podcast: Download (Duration: 32:50 — 22.55MB)

A strange impulse, an alien need: she devours all that she knows, and knows all that she devours.
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The Book of Locked Doors
She cursed herself for freezing up and ruminating when the proper response was to react.