The Angel Azrael Delivers Justice to the People of the Dust

The tunnel went straight down for a spell, then began to twist and turn. The walls were scored with the marks of pick axes everywhere, and rocks and piles of dirt lined the sides of the tunnel. Further tunnels began to branch off the main one. Only the main tunnel was lit by torches, though, and the group carrying Azrael remained on that path. He received his answer when they came across the bones.

Azrael nudged his horse around the edge of the crowd, trying to steer clear of their celebration.

The spider's poison was already taking hold. Rahami's heart raced. Breathing became as difficult as pumping air through damaged bellows. Be calm. Be calm. Her consciousness seeped through Morshimon's skin, into his spine. Breathe, she thought. Breathe with this man. See with this man.

She pressed the spider to her wrist. This was the most difficult part, much harder than seeing futures.
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Five Fruits I Ate in Sandar Land

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I hesitate, but only for a second. Surely Rose would forgive me.
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Precious Meat

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A Song of Blackness
I had never met this man, this gnarled old usurper who lounged on furniture emblazoned with my ancestors' crest.