Featuring a new story by Gregory Norman Bossert, whose previous BCS story “The Telling” in Issue #109 won the World Fantasy Award.

The Leaves Upon Her Falling Light

The boy pushed at the arm that held the mirror and his soft white hand slipped along her smooth brown until his fingers brushed the glass and then he froze with a little gasp, and the girl laughed like birds leaping into the sky and the stag under the trees lifted its head antlers like the high branches and the hound howled, once, like a trumpet.

When the wren's gaze brightens and her heart calms, I set her in her cage in front of the nest with its egg and bid her recall.
The Rugmaker’s Lovers

The rugmaker's lips twitched of their own accord, itched to speak her mind, to ask the wise woman what right she had to come and make the rugmaker doubt herself now, while when it had mattered, no one had been surer that the rugmaker had done well to send the warrior away.

Something sat in the rugmaker's belly, small and solid and chill, and her husband's songs ceased to warm it.
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The body's exposed intestines writhed with pale-pink caterpillars, Corpsewing larvae, a sight Yinghua found at once repulsive and fascinating.
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Memories in Bronze, Feathers, and Blood

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The Telling
The bees' feet had pricked, Mel remembered, and their fur had tickled as they marched across cheek and through lips, teeth, and tongue.