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Drawn Up From Deep Places

Midst-caught, Parry thought he saw those eyes change—their pupils slide sidelong, opening like a cuttlefish's, even as her hips slipped, knees gone triple-jointed, twining 'round his legs like two fishtail tentacles. While the inside of her grew scaled and stringent, scraping him tip to root, leaving her mark forever.

He came to expecting to find himself dead, torn to pieces by the monster he'd made—he knew it would happen, eventually.
The Burned Man

When you are young you think that you will live forever and that no harm will ever come to you. Your friends will stay friends and your lovers lovers, and the most dangerous thing is spotting a wrinkle in your looking glass.  Ah, this is not true, my boy! There are worse things than a safe old age.

Hugging my lute to my aching chest, I sat there a long time before I made my decision.
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The Rugmaker’s Lovers

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Something sat in the rugmaker's belly, small and solid and chill, and her husband's songs ceased to warm it.
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The Suffering Gallery

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In the Gardens of the Night
If the General wants her dead, he must agree to my requests.