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Sweet Death

Mieni closed her mouth so sharply I feared her fangs would cut her lips. "Just so, Mr. Swift," she muttered. A lone bee, moving drowsily in the cold, crawled out from under the shattered honeypot and stood on the dead Davala's broken eyesocket, waving its antennae as if lost. "Odd," she said. "Very odd."

"Zio found the body this morning, but because she came to me and not to Patrol, it is not looking good for her."
We Were Once of the Sky

Zelhorn comes so close to me that the stench of rosewater is overpowering.  “Behind these masks, humans and Beta look the same. So Beta can be doctors without the humans knowing. Humans will let Beta doctors treat them. The plague will be contained. Change, not plague, will soon be in the air!”

“The humans detest us because of who we are,” I say, “no matter what we try to become.”
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Armistice Day

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