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For Lost Time

An undercurrent flowed that Semira couldn’t read: anger would be petty beside it, yet it was less animosity than the opposite, edged with fear and incredulity. What Aniver was suggesting was awesome and awful. And Semira, not being a wizard, didn’t understand half of it. She probably never would.

“You think I’m mad,” Aniver said. “But pay the small courtesy of not thinking me a fool.”
Day of the Dragonfly

With a shout Keftu took two mighty bounds and leaped into the air. He kicked his legs, spreading wide the wings that had been hidden in their case at his back. They were like insect wings, with veins of carved bone and membranes of golden resin, and he drove their gear box with chains linked to his greaves. "What do you think you're doing?" Yani cried.

The procession was halfway up, a long line of robed helots, with Yani riding the starved saurian at their head.
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Everything Beneath You

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I wanted to ask her more questions, about the way the world was made, about death and dreams, but did not want to know the answers.
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Between Shifting Skin and Certainty

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And Her Eyes Sewn Shut with Unicorn Hair
“That’s why I’ve never loved my sister. I’ve always known the last thing I’ll ever see is her sewing my eyes shut.”