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Fire Rises

Not for the first time, Li considered killing Nasrin. The young woman was too trusting; too confident in the persuasive power of her logic. But everything Li had seen of Nasrin told her she wasn't a threat. At best, she was someone else's catspaw. But whose?

Li chuckled too, considering how to kill her.
Defy the Grey Kings

I was born a slave, like all of you. My master was a hoary old bull known as Ascaro, one of the Bull-King’s champions. Twenty feet high at the shoulders, and even past his prime he was a quick devil, though old trunk muscles were turning into fat.

Elephants are quick, even draped in chain and iron, but you are quicker by a whisker.
From the Archives:
Bone Diamond
I crack the first crocodile's left clavicle there in the dawn-lit street, find it empty.