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A fantastically monstrous issue for Halloween!

Demons Enough

The leech crouched in the broken hole where the window had been. Its glamour made it hard to discern details. Thorfinn had seen leeches in daylight, knew the ragged, filthy reality. His gaze flickered involuntarily up to the dark hollows of its eyes. It was an effort to tear away again from the hypnotic stare.

"If there's anything still out there expecting to be fed," he replied, "I want it to have something to feed on that isn't us."

The strange moment broke, and suddenly the stranger in her circle was an enemy again, and Kamalija struck out with her knife. He had already ducked back, and the blade dragged then stopped at the line where they'd poured her blood, as if the air was made of clay. She couldn't force it any further, and she watched his back as he bounded into the forest.

But she wouldn't let him make it through the gate; the inside guards were there to deal with travelers. Kamalija was here to deal with monsters.
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I could not imagine that my charge could conceive something so strange, so unpleasant.
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