The Sword of Loving Kindness, Pt. II

Mistress Needles said, “Then may we be in harmony, to the degree harmony exists in this cesspool of a universe. The sword’s presence may yet prove a desirable thing. For your freedom, Imago Bone, and that of the companion who brings you fear and pain, depends upon its destruction.”

Gaunt and Bone must resist a magic sword bending them toward propriety and decorum.
Architectural Constants

The Spider stepped out of the gate. She was a stooped woman with dark hair. The sockets in her face were empty and scarred over. She wore gloves that were cut off at the first knuckle. At each fingertip was a tiny glittering eye.

A city, a librarian, a sentinel, and a silhouette.
From the Archives:
The Territorialist
Jeris was feeding the gargoyles when the bone-map rattled.