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The Patchwork Procedure

So lost in thought am I in my cell—pondering the many unintentional wrongs I've committed toward my biological father, wondering if perhaps my behaviour was never as unintentional as I like to believe—that it takes me several minutes to fully grasp that there is a great commotion afoot: shouting, screaming, explosions, and other sounds of battle.

I have no idea what the Eternal Chinese Empire wants from me, but at this point, trapped within a hostile foreign airship, there is no better strategy for me than to behave with utmost diplomacy.
What Pada-Sara Means to the Elephant

I am cold. Icy water surrounds me, undulating in the glare of morning sun. It has been nearly twelve hours since I took Shashi into the desert and made those tracks. I hope, with every shivering inch of me, that Jagmeet's men are not able to distinguish the difference between the tracks of a boy fleeing across the desert sands and the tracks of the a boy walking carefully backward over his own footsteps.

All bharjana can do this. The bread magic. We make food from air and shadow.
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The God Thieves
Esoteric beasts were dangerous, even as disembodied brains. Mateo wouldn’t want to be trapped in his own skull with one that didn’t want to be there.