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Proteus Lost

"Antlion's mirror-writing. He was Leonardo da Vinci when he wrote this book, and favoured writing that way because he was left-handed. It made less of a smudge and also serves as a deterrent to others who cannot easily read the words in reverse.  They are needed for navigating the many paths through the Codex. The first protean seal is like the entrance to the maze."

Looking at the Three Hares, I let my mind drift, opening to its weaves and whirls.
Requiem for the Unchained

I swear that I hear it when the Star deploys her new lanterns. I feel it as a low vibration in all the mineral parts of my body and look out of the starboard window just in time to see the six cold iron cages slide out of her. They ignite one at a time, turning the faceless ether of the ghostmurk into a haze of green light. It's so bright that I have to turn my head. Raise my hand to shield my eyes. Can almost feel my own shadow burning into me.

Exactly one year and one day after my wife falls overboard and goes to the unchained, I receive a letter from the man who killed her.
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Think Of Winter

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Folu has forgotten how to read the cards, but something is stirring.
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The God Thieves
Esoteric beasts were dangerous, even as disembodied brains. Mateo wouldn’t want to be trapped in his own skull with one that didn’t want to be there.