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The Influence of the Iron Range

The town bandstand has medallions of iron recently emblazoned to it; in the last twelve years since the Hayes election, all respectable towns have added them to the places where politicians might speak. But those are only enough for the local offices. The mayor, the city council. Any redcap or jenny-greenteeth might slip into one of those positions, were the local election commissioners unwary; might find a way around the medallions.

The Faery-Free Election Commission stands between you and the debacle of 1876. America will never have to fear again. Because of us.
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

My prayers are automatic, the movements worn into my fingers. With each Hail Mary and Lord’s Prayer, I can feel my shoulders tense. I haven’t had confession since I left the convent. Haven’t taken communion. I say my prayers, but when my mouth shapes the words, they come out tarnished. There’s nothing holy in this path on which I’ve set myself. I remember his teeth.

I keep my revolver on my knees but say nothing, my thumb paralyzed on the hammer.
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Serah avoids his eyes. "I've been pregnant a long time," she says after a while. "The baby won't come."
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