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Special double-issue for BCS Science-Fantasy Month 4, featuring a bonus story and science-fantasy cover art “Ugg” by Florent Llamas.

The Starship and the Temple Cat

Properly, the cat's name was Seventy-Eighth Temple Cat of the High Bells, along with a number of ceremonial titles that needn't concern us. But the people who had called her that no longer lived in the station's ruins. Every day as she made her rounds in what had been the boundaries of the temple, she saw and smelled the artifacts they had left behind, from bloodstains to scorch marks, from decaying books to singed spacesuits, and yowled her grief.

She had been a young cat when the Fleet Lords burned the City of High Bells.
El is a Spaceship Melody

“It's more than that. It's a symphony.” When LeSony'ra had reported for national service, it was as a conscientious objector. She wanted to produce a happier future through music, which positioned her at odds with most of the other cadets. A position she was now long used to.

LeSony'ra's intricate arrangements, with their multiple tonalities and complex intervallic structures, produced the harmonics that refreshed the crystals.
Where the Anchor Lies

She joined the fragments of its mind, and it soothed her even more than she remembered. The Cataract's ghost said, <I know where the Vanguard rests. Some of its pieces lie among my own, but most of it waits beyond. Near my rudder, a trickle of water carries dissolved fragments of the Vanguard's engine. Follow the streamlet, and you may find its heart.>

"Is that right." She glared at their lens and whet her voice with scorn. "Evil under every stone these days, I imagine."
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The Starship and the Temple Cat

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She had been a young cat when the Fleet Lords burned the City of High Bells.
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The Breath of War
She would have run, but her legs betrayed her—a contraction, locking her in place, as frozen as the baby within her womb.