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Who Goes Against a Waste of Waters

Every day, we walk the graveyard grounds, back and forth, in search of this cursed grass. Mother used to say the graveyard is as big as a continent that only gets bigger; that we have to cross oceans of sand and swamp only to find new ghost-grass. This year it rained only twice, and Who Tames Lions and I walk farther and farther as our sheep grow weaker and weaker.

We are the only ones left to herd the ghost-sheep.
Lonely Children Lost at Sea

From somewhere far below, a shout rises over the sea's roar, and with a glance at Theodore that I was never meant to see, Gina gathers her skirt and hurries ahead. The water churns, turbulent and unrelenting, as we trace her steps to the shore. We rush forth, our duty as inescapable as the tides, to deliver the island's next generation of lost children from one cruel fate to another.

She drifts in at high tide, as those of us who came before and those who will come long after we are gone.
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Who Goes Against a Waste of Waters

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We are the only ones left to herd the ghost-sheep.
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