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Special double-issue for BCS Science-Fantasy Month 6, featuring a bonus story, a bonus novella, and new science-fantasy cover art “Ancient Ones” by Jose Borges.

Bonsai Starships

Today Kei tended the three that had been given to her care in her first year. If she did well—if the bonsai starships matured into acceptable usefulness—she would be initiated; she would join the shrine's priesthood.

The third bonsai swayed to the bleak tides of distant and colliding black hole inspirals.
Blood Grains Scream in Memories

That dying anchor said some mysterious ‘he’ was looking for her. Chakatie tried to think of who that could be. When she’d been an anchor in charge of her own land, she’d thought she’d been even-handed. But traveling with the day-fellows had revealed to her the painful reality of being on the receiving end of the grains’ anger and punishments—pains she’d once inflicted on far too many people to count.

Chakatie had figured that’s what the grains would demand.
Rich Growth

But now, as I age and see the beginning of personal withering, I find I want to know that this patch will be tended once I lie down and die. So I’ve saved enough for a child of my own. Thirty gemflowers. There must surely be somebody out there who will exchange their own treasure for such a fortune.

Let this growth be the start of a stalk that reaches the roof of the dome and spreads its seeds across the high jeweled panels.
Burying the Seeds of Spider Gods

“We are not afraid,” said one man with greying hair—I remembered him as a younger man, wielding an axe that had severed my legs from my body. “But the seasons have grown harsh. There is not much food.” The silence that followed served as grim confirmation.

I looked down at the seeds. In my head the voices of my caretakers suddenly rang. 
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Bonsai Starships

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The third bonsai swayed to the bleak tides of distant and colliding black hole inspirals.
From the Archives:
Blood Grains Speak Through Memories
Even though the chilled spring day promised nothing but beauty, the grains in Frere-Jones's body shivered to her sadness as she looked at the nearby dirt road.