Remembering Light

“You remember. You can tell me how Surnyao was. And then I can go home, and tell my people, and we will take that light with us into the darkness.” It would come regardless. The last suns would burn out, and Surnyao would go into the Crush, as countless worlds had gone before them. But they could go as Asurnya, with the strength of all they had forgotten. They could make their own light.

“Nothing in Driftwood is free. What do you want?”
The Jewels of Montforte, Pt. I

“Um,” Absinthe said. The perfect opportunity had sailed athwart his bows. All he had to say was “What a beautiful dress you are wearing, my lady,” and the room would burst with his men attacking, overcoming the crowd, and the jewels would be his. Something was holding back the words. She was so beautiful....

Absinthe felt embarrassed. There was a part of him that wanted to fit in with this sort, these landed gentry.
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Mister Hadj’s Sunset Ride

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So when Mister Hadj said that a stone in the road told him where we'd find Parson Lucifer, I didn’t doubt it.