Lady of the Ghost Willow

I had little talent for poetry, but my instruction in the classic metaphors was probably no less extensive than Akio's. The poem was both an entreaty and a question; that much was clear. But what was the answer? One who might be able to tell me was beyond speech now and might be for some time, if not forever.

No eyes, nose, mouth, just a white emptiness that was more chilling than the most ferocious devil-mask.
The Curse of Chimère

I walked down the aisle, passing frozen spectators whose eyes were riveted to the screen and weeping blood. I recognised the Mayor immediately by his bold muttonchops, and beside him, the actor Franchot Aucoin, whose lecherous exploits were as legendary off-screen as on. Both men were bleeding as though their eyes had been gouged out and pressed back in.

But instead of music from the pneumatic harmonium, all I could hear was the sound of clicking gears from the projection booth.
The Girl Who Tasted the Sea

A lift of a wing and their soaring arc encompassed the whole of the house. They swung around it and Abby could see them now, the twin pillars of stone upon which she’d lived all her life. Suddenly she was dropping nearer, nearer, and then they landed in the carved hollow in one pillar just a foot above the tide. She ignored the trembling in her legs as she crouched at the edge and dipped her fingers in the water.

Salt! It tasted of salt as much as the sardines did, but with some wilder flavor, too.
More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand

For the first few years, Violet only passed information, while the reports of faery incursions began to grow. Then—when they went to London for her introduction into society—three things happened. The faeries turned the Prime Minister’s fingers into twigs and his eyes into acorns. Papa died. And Thomas discovered what she was.

As with Papa, she knew Thomas was gone and felt no regret, for she had changed equally.
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The Girl Who Tasted the Sea

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Salt! It tasted of salt as much as the sardines did, but with some wilder flavor, too.