Dunasby, Fire and Ice

Deathfire shot an arrow through the man’s back. Then he drew his sword. The woman and children would be easy enough to kill, but he wanted to take care of the baby first. “Don’t worry,” he said, rubbing a gentle hand across the woman's sweat-soaked brow. “I’ll make it painless for all of you.”

Deathfire snatched her up in his arms, already knowing it was too late.
The Dragon’s Child

The wizard raised a hand, his long, pointed nails painted with blue lacquer. With one finger, he drew a slashing arc through the air. Pain seared like fire along Kseniya’s cheek, a line cutting across one of the old scars. She clenched her jaw to keep from crying out. She remembered that pain all too well.

Little else held much horror for her any longer, but Kseniya feared the day she would lose her eyes.
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The Last Devil

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Would this querulous magician's insinuations distract my master from slaying our vile prey?