Silent, Still, and Cold

A group of officers cluster below the mark on the wall. One balances an inkpot, another copies the symbol onto parchment, a third notes its location on a map of the city. Near where they stand there is a patch of bloody ice splashed against the stones next to an odd-shaped bundle of rags, the buckles of a Legionnaire's uniform winking out at us. We stare, and the officer with the map waves us away.

The place where Ameos should stand is taken by another boy. We are fewer now.
The Adventures of Ernst, Who Began a Man, Became a Cyclops, and Finished a Hero

Ernst fumbled with the new sword at his side, but it had some ivory-inlaid clasp keeping it in place and he screamed in terror, at which point the medium muttered something and all the lights went out. Ernst freed the sword and swatted in the dark with it, backing against a wall, which was when he felt the itchy spider hairs rub against his throat.

There was a long, strange moment of silence, and then the spider dropped lightly off the medium’s back and scuttled toward Ernst.
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Mama holds us close, long roots circled deep.
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The Adventure of the Pyramid of Bacconyus
The three cousins walked through a tunnel low enough that their head leaves brushed and bent on the ceiling.