From the Spices of Sanandira, Pt. II

We have neither heard nor seen sign of the ehrekh since leaving the caravanserai three days ago. Perhaps the gods toy with me on my final voyage home, for my mind is resolute—no matter what dangers might present themselves in Harrahd, I will return home. Or if my Alenha has fled back to our village, I will search for her there.

But this time, when Uhammad prepared to take the fyndrenna, he felt exposed.
The Godslayer’s Wife

I loved him with gratitude and pity, and in time, as I saw the hero he was, I came to love him with reverence and envy, too. And all the time I hoped I might also do a great deed—that I might cure a hero of his scars. But my love, and what understanding I can offer, do nothing. Still he writhes, crying out in the night.

A miracle comes. Perhaps not the one I asked for.
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The Nine-Tailed Cat

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The cat departs from the moonbeam, flicking its tails.