The farther they traveled, the more Skald's old trade seemed to distort what he saw, forcing the faces he'd learned over the last few weeks to conform to the city vision. This one will break after a day, he would find himself thinking as the other drovers hailed him. This one is strong, but he favors his left knee; use the hammers first. This one will not break on his own, but hurt any member of his family and he'll tell you anything just so you'll stop.

He thought of a man strapped to a table, whispering his secret.
Of Thinking Being and Beast

It wasn't just the minotaur's life in Boreas's hands. If Eurytus won the wager, the two human rebels would die center stage at the Circus, under torture, giving up everything they knew. Eurytus would rob them of dignity, hope, faith. If they had any left.

Boreas crushed the keys in his palm to silence them.
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Sand-Skin Man

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I remember seeing a patch of sun-scorched grass become a lion watching me with amber eyes.