The Governess and the Lobster

What that profession might be, I would hesitate to explain had you not explicitly stated that you are unconcerned with my history. Pietro is what the many travelers through Harkuma refer to as a facilis or, commonly, "greaser." He makes his living by arranging contact between the various human merchants and the automata of Akkuma. If a person wishes to visit Akkuma, he must do so in the company of one of these faciles who will vouch for him, undertake the shipment of water, even make business connections, as well as make certain the entrepreneur adheres to all standards of conduct.

The other automaton was, I believe, City-born, one of those created and awakened among its fellows.
Shades of Amber

Some in the tribe shaded in low spectrum colors that Ferr's mind couldn't remain stable after losing so much from her sickness. Amm asked if they thought her unstable as well, given that even with the loss, Ferr still had a wider range than Amm. They averted their gaze as she shaded, pretending to have never seen the question.

She kept her body as bright as possible, still a deep amber, in an attempt to keep the beasts at bay.
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I was afraid to say anything, but my mouth said, “please don’t kill her” without making any sound.
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The Girl Who Tasted the Sea
Salt! It tasted of salt as much as the sardines did, but with some wilder flavor, too.