Featuring our 200th story! By Chris Willrich; the same author and world as our very first story: “The Sword of Loving Kindness” in BCS #1-2.

How the Wicker Knight Would Not Move

At the Wicker Knight's feet Kverna faced the foe. "I do not hate you," she said to them. "You are as you are. Maybe Perfection has no choices. It is this thing behind me I hate. Leeching our hope, and returning nothing. At least without it we will meet our fates as human beings."

"And yet Now is upon us," said Tvarn Wind-Tamer. "For the Perfection is moving. Look."
Fox Bones. Many Uses.

Out of respect for the fox, she ground its bones there. First the tail-bones, murmuring the words her grandmother had taught her early in the pregnancy: For a strong heart. For strong lungs. For strong arms and legs. For strength. For strength. Then the other bones, separating them as use dictated, and picked up the hide and meat and set off home with steps full of fear: that the tail bones would not strengthen her son; or that they would, and her mother would hate her for it.

Many more questions hung in the air between them. She answered just one.
From the Archives:
The Sword of Loving Kindness, Pt. I
“If this is meant to deter me,” Persimmon Gaunt said, clutching her rope beneath Bone, “I’m deterred.”