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 A former scarecrow must help retake a castle from talking bears...

A bureaucrat falls in love with a ghostly woman whose palace disappears when he wakes....

A seer in love with her fugitive husband’s enemy must not scry her own death, or it will happen....

A rebel saboteur carries the personalities of massacre victims in a book compiled by her dead sister....


These and other awe-inspiring fantasy and science-fantasy stories await in The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year Four, a new anthology of eighteen stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine.

The Best of BCS, Year Four features such authors as Richard Parks, Yoon Ha Lee, Margaret Ronald, Garth Upshaw, Kat Howard, Christie Yant, and Chris Willrich.

It includes “The Governess and the Lobster” by Margaret Ronald, named to Year’s Best SF&F 2013 edited by Rich Horton; “Sinking Among Lilies” by Cory Skerry, named to Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2013 edited by Paula Guran; and “The Castle That Jack Built” by Emily Gilman, named to Year’s Best SF&F 2013 and a finalist for the 2013 World Fantasy Award.

Where to Buy It

The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year Four is available for only $3.99 from major ebook retailers in different ebook formats, including Kindle, Kindle apps, Barnes & Noble, and iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, and more. Read it on your e-reader, smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

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All proceeds from the sale of The Best of BCS, Year Four go to pay BCS authors and artists for their work. Buy a copy to read great literary adventure fantasy and support Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

The Table of Contents

In the Palace of the Jade Lion • Richard Parks

The Castle that Jack Built • Emily Gilman

The Three Feats of Agani • Christie Yant

A Spoonful of Salt • Nicole M. Taylor

To the Gods of Time and Engines, a Gift • Dean Wells

The Magic of Dark and Hollow Places • Adam Callaway

A Place to Stand • Grace Seybold

Sinking Among Lilies • Cory Skerry

Held Close in Syllables of Light • Rose Lemberg

The Calendar of Saints • Kat Howard

Shadows Under Hexmouth Street • Justin Howe

The Traitor Baru Cormorant, Her Field-General, and Their Wounds • Seth Dickinson

The Governess and the Lobster • Margaret Ronald

Bearslayer and the Black Knight • Tom Crosshill

How the Wicker Knight Would Not Move • Chris Willrich

Ratcatcher • Garth Upshaw

The Book of Locked Doors • Yoon Ha Lee

Scry • Anne Ivy